Saturday, March 27, 2010


Thanks to our neighbor, (Leah's mom) we heard about an Easter "Eggstravanganza" put on by a local church for the community! It was at a local farm and it was AWESOME! Pony rides, animals to pet, bouncers, cotton candy, and a helicopter that dropped 4,000 easter eggs! (which we were sorry to miss that part...)

This was a dream come TRUE for me today! "Hi lamb!" I said.

"Hey goose!"

And now I'm finally big enough that I enjoyed jumping in the bouncers. In this bouncer, I would jump around for a minute, and then climb a tall staircase up to a big slide....

and... wheeeeee!!! I had NO fear as I soared down the slide, my hat flying off each time!

I even got so brave that I thought it'd be more fun to do it backwards on my tummy! ha!

Daddy taught me and Leah "Ring around the Rosies."

...we all fall DOWN! (giggles)

The highlight of the day was that I got to ride a HORSE for the first time! (when I first saw the horses, I was afraid when Mommy asked me if I wanted to ride them, but when we came back by them again later & I saw all the other kids doing it, I wanted to take a try. "Now Caroline's turn.")

"I ride a horse!" I repeated several times on my ride. :)

And though I was a trooper through it all (it was all smack dab in the middle of my usual nap time), towards the end the sleepiness & fussiness won over. So we missed the helicopter egg drop this time, but oh well! We still had a FABULOUS time as a family!
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  1. Thank you, thank you for sharing the pics. They were great. She is a doll baby, Glad she got a chance to ride the horse. Way to go Caroline!

    Love y'all.

    Nanny & Papa

  2. I'm glad you left before they dropped the eggs. Sounds like a mess.