Monday, March 1, 2010

faucet fascination...

We've all got our little quirky obsessions, right? Well, I've got a new one for ya. Lately it's been the only thing I can think about....

The kitchen sink! Seriously. I've come down with a major case of faucet fascination.

You can be sure that morning, noon, or night, EVERY day, THIS is where I want to be!

As the water trickles out, I enjoy filling and pouring to my heart's content.

The good news is that I'm drinking PLENTY of water. (maybe a little too much, if there is such a thing...)

And the bad news?

I sure don't want to see our water bill... :)
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  1. ha ha...Leah washes her hands WHENEVER she can manage to get to a sink anywhere!

  2. Mommy, you're have to teach her to wash dishes. She will not have the same facination of the sink she once had. It seems too much like work. (Ha,Ha) She's a smart little girl. We love you, Caroline.

    Nanny & Papa