Monday, December 27, 2010

big girl room...

Wanna see my room?

Gone are the days of a nursery, and here's my new big girl bed! (my crib converted into this toddler bed) Found the cute comforter set on sale, and guess what the new paint color is called? Sweet Caroline. (with that name, it pretty much HAD to happen, whether it looked good or not.) :)

For a few bucks, we also found these puffy wall stickers, too! Fun, huh?

Nanny took a coordinating bed sheet (!) and sewed the curtain, the bench cushion, & two pillows to match. (it was much cheaper than buying fabric by the yard & it looks great) When it's time to get into bed, Mommy & Daddy slide the bench over toward the bed & turn it like a bed rail so I don't fall out!

(Mommy still wants to put something on the wall above the bed, so any decorating ideas are welcome!)

Daddy painted Mommy's old dresser white & with new knobs, it's like new!

And we're all about decorating cheap around here, so Mommy just found some coordinating scrapbook papers at a craft store, and for $2, we have wall "art." Waalah.

I loooove my new bed! I'm a big girl now!
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  1. You are a big girl, Caroline. I LOVE your new room.

  2. Caroline, Your room looks great! I'm glad you are enjoying it. You are a big girl.

    Love ya,