Monday, December 13, 2010

ostrich vs. toddler...

Y'all want to come on a safari with me?? Last week in Texas, my Mamie took me to Fossil Rim!

You know, it's one of those drive-thru safari places where you can feed the animals from your car, and this one had TONS of animals! (I think they said there were over 1,100 of 'em in the park!) This was the scene as we started off our drive-- it was like the documentary Planet Earth seeing all of these animals running and roaming! Wow!

But things quickly turned from an animal documentary to a good ole fashioned Western showdown...

between me (a little taken aback, as you can see) and the ostrich. It was a stare-down to the death. (okay, not really...) He spotted my food and wasn't going to budge. Let's just say Mommy had a slight freak-out as she envisioned this ostrich sticking its head in the window any farther, so here was the scene at the end of the showdown: Mamie laughing hysterically, Mommy's blood pressure a little on the high side, me asking, "why did that ostrich stick his head in the window?" and the ostrich was left with NO food. :) (I guess Mamie was the winner???)

But it didn't take me long to figure out the drill as the animals would walk up to the car and I would dump my cup of food for them to eat! It was great fun!

So we weren't QUITE as taken aback at this guy...

or this guy.

There was even a little children's place to stop at halfway through the safari, so after a few quick pats on the billy goats, it was OFF to find more animals again!!!

My favorite animal was seeing the giraffe!

Thanks, Mamie, for a great trip! And you better believe I'm still talking about that ostrich sticking his head in the car.... :)
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  1. oh what fun! I'm glad you girls were able to go do that. The ostrich was hilarious!

    - Anne

  2. Caroline, that is an adventure you will remember for a long time. I'm glad you had the opportunity to go on the safari! Love ya,

  3. Great pics! Sounds like quite the adventure. :)