Monday, December 6, 2010

west texas...

Here's a few images of things we've missed from West Texas...

(everyone who's ever driven the 5 hr. drive from Dallas to Lubbock knows the disappointment of seeing this sign as it's there to greet you when you finally reach 84 from I-20 & you're tempted to think you're almost there!)

We've missed our former cat, Stonewall, who stayed back in West Texas with neighbors. Stonewall's sister, Jackie, :) (do ya think we were meant for Virginia or what when we name our cats Stonewall & Jackie?!?) is happily living with a former student in Florida.

In West Texas, you get HUGE, beautiful sky. And lots of wind. (don't know that I miss the wind part, though...)

And another thing we've missed...

Josh Collins' explanations that leave us all cracking up. :)
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