Thursday, December 23, 2010

a preacher & a pastor...

There's a difference in my mind between a preacher and a pastor. Could I be so bold to suggest that most people don't have a pastor? Thanking God for the preachers and the pastors in my life!

A preacher's home is in the pulpit. A pastor's home is with his family.

A preacher might be more concerned with his performance.
A pastor hopes that you see Jesus as a little more beautiful than you did the day before.

You might have to drive quite a way or listen online to your preacher, but a pastor lives in your midst.

A preacher speaks to the masses, but it's a pastor that sits across the table with you alone at breakfast.

A preacher holds your attention and draws you towards him. A pastor understands your heart and draws you toward Christ. (and away from himself)

Around a preacher, you'd be tempted to straighten up your hair and home. Around a pastor, you both don't have to pretend.

You feel the need to force a fake smile around your preacher.
You can weep with your pastor.

Your preacher thinks everything's okay with your family.
Your pastor knows everything's not okay with your family.

Make sure you don't talk about ____ when the preacher's around.
You want to talk about ___ with a pastor.

A preacher can lead you to believe he has it figured out, but a pastor doesn't hesitate to share his own struggles.

People may flock to hear the words of a preacher AND a pastor on Sunday.
But it's the words of the pastor that reach the darkest & most painful places in your heart Monday through Saturday.

A preacher speaks, but a pastor listens, too.

A preacher knows you (maybe even well), but it's a pastor that knows exactly what is keeping you up at night.

You will probably call a preacher when someone in your family dies.
A pastor is one that you'd call even when the car dies.

You see a preacher in church.
You see a pastor in his home. And yours.

A preacher is faithful to speak the truth of Scripture.
A pastor is also faithful to speak the truth of Scripture, but a pastor knows he is not faithful in living out the truth of the Scripture and needs God's grace.

A preacher can be consumed with his church kingdom.
A pastor is consumed with a larger Kingdom.

A preacher can fill the room, but a pastor speaks faithfully to whatever number the Lord brings his way.

A preacher may give off the impression that he knows and loves the Lord well. A pastor is one who knows it's the Lord who knows and loves him well.

The Lord has used both preachers and pastors to minister to me.
But it was the faithful ministry of ordinary pastors that have forever changed my life.


  1. Those who many see as just "ordinary pastors" are some of the most wonderful people in the world. I loved your post Amy, it's so true. Thankful for Marc!

    - Anne in TX

  2. loved this - and Marc definitely fits the bill for the 'pastor' even though he's a pretty great preacher too, especially with all the RUF-required pop culture references. Heehee :) love you guys! (Kelsey M)