Thursday, January 27, 2011

accepting alopecia...

As we're settling into the world of alopecia, it's encouraging to hear other people's stories with it.

This little 6 yr. old girl gives one of the best explanations I've seen in this 2 minute video... (even now, I can totally see Caroline doing this, too!)

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And while we are not avid beauty pageant fans, we can't help but admire Miss Delaware this year! (What a story to be able to tell our own beauty queen!)

The Lord is also bringing other families with alopecia into our life, and I (Amy) can't tell you how encouraging and supportive it is to hear their stories and share the same sadness and fears about it. The overall theme I hear from them as adults is that though it was many times difficult growing up, it helped make them the strong, confident people they are today. (more on this in a later post...)

As I see more and more pictures of children with alopecia out there, I am amazed at how quickly my eyes are adjusting to see beauty where I once might not have. Dare I say I'm even feeling somewhat empowered?!? to not force my kid to cover up or try to look like everyone else??? She IS beautiful. Just as she is. And if any of you think differently, perhaps the problem lies not with Caroline, but with you. (sorry the Mama Bear claws are coming out...) :)

Right now I am so determined to apply the Gospel to my daughter's bald head: we find our acceptance not in others' approval, but we rest in and know that we already have our approval in Christ. While "covering up" with wigs, hats, scarves, etc. will be an option for her at each stage, I pray that we'll only use those things for fun & for necessity (cold in the winter, to avoid sunburn in the summer, etc.) if she wants them, and not out of a place of SHAME. I want her to know there is NO shame, and I want her to have a whole COMMUNITY of people that love her just because she's Caroline. (I have a feeling she'll have more than enough fans...) :)

I know it's going to be a bumpy road. Obviously I'm still processing and accepting what the Lord has seen fit to give us. But on the other side of my grief is a mama who wants to use this trial to love my daughter even stronger than before and let IT grow me in grace, as it already is.


  1. love, love, love this and love you. I'm so proud of you. And you're right, if people don't see that C is beautiful, they have vision (heart) problems!!! :-)

  2. You know that you all have the support of all the "Corbett" family and those touched by all of us. No one can say that that sweet little girl is not beautiful, on the inside as well as the outside. Our thoughts, prayers and hearts are with you through it all, at every stage and step of the way. We love ya'll very much.

  3. I can totally see Caroline doing what that little girl did-that was really neat! We love your sweet, beautiful girl! And you and Marc!

  4. I am one of Angie's friends in Athens - we bumped up against what we thought was Alopecia last year with my 10 year old, and I went through weeks of waiting and praying and uncovering my own fear and sin and hopes and worries. Your daughter is adorable - and I am moved by your courage and strength. God bless you all in this lifelong journey....and I am glad God sent you the Edwards to be a source of encouragement (but feel free to send them back)

  5. Caroline is beautiful both inside and out.I enjoyed her personality in nursery Sunday and know that God has great plans for her.