Saturday, January 1, 2011

top 12 of 2010...

Happy New Year! Before we usher in 2011 and look ahead, we thought we'd take a quick look back. 2010 for our family, as we've said before, was definitely the best year of our lives, and the worst year of our lives. To have a daughter and have the privilege of watching her grow in every way, seeing the world through her eyes has been the highlight of our lives together.

But there were honestly so many days that were "lows" that make it so tempting to just say "good riddance 2010!" But as we look back over the year, there were so many highlights and joys in the midst of the sadness and stress that we wouldn't trade for anything! We thought we'd camp out there and remember some of the good times...

In no particular order, (because we're too lazy to take the time to prioritize them) the top 12 best memories of 2010...

12. What top ten list would be complete without Christmas!

11. Our Summer Conference night out. Picture this: Florida. Out on the pier at night. Dancing with our RUF students to a live band playing Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline." Could there be anything more joyful??

10. My 2nd birthday party. Sesame Street themed, of course, for my love of Elmo. We shared it with family and our RUF students... so fun.

9. The UN-birthday party for my best bud, Leah, & me. Leah's b-day is Feb. 16th, mine is the 18th. So we decided the 17th would be our UN-birthday party!

8. Gluten Free Day Three pizza. During the initial stress of figuring out how to do a gluten free diet and feeling like we were always going to be bound to our kitchen, pizza had never tasted SO good. It was even more special that Pop & Mamie were with us during that time, too.

7. Perhaps the happiest times of the year for Mommy were hearing her sweet girl singing beautiful songs of the faith, well beyond her years. Hearing her daughter sing the words to Isaiah 43, for example, ("when you pass through the waters, I will be with you.... do not fear, for I have redeemed you... I have called you by name. You are mine.") was literally like the Spirit whispering comfort and truth into Mommy's heart during faithless times.

6. What a great time we had picking blackberries with our friends! (well, some of us picked and some of us ate... he he)

5. Some of our family's BEST times are when no one else is around, like when we have spontaneous dance parties.

4. A definite 2010 highlight was the amazing gift from Sari, our former Texas Tech RUF student who collected an insane amount of money and gifts and cards for us, including this one to me that said, "Jesus loves your tummy."

3. There is NOTHING on earth as wonderful as being able to see dear old friends in Texas again. Though the time with them was very short, it was incredibly sweet to be together and see our children playing together.

2. My sugar-free Halloween!! This one was a total surprise, since we had NO Halloween plans OR even a costume figured out until 1 hour before the carnival started!! Who'd a thought that a holiday Mommy had been dreading (due to the diet/sugar stuff this year-- we normally LOOOOVE Halloween!) would have turned out to be SO fun??

And the #1 highlight of the year 2010??...

1. Was our recent Thanksgiving trip to Texas all lumped into one! Taking my first
limo ride, being with all of our family, getting to seeing birthmommy Megan & Brayden & Grandma Bitner, visiting with former RUF students, and traveling to Lubbock to see our former church family & friends there had to be THE highlight of the year.

So that's it! As we look forward to 2011, we are praying that the Lord would give us more answers and guidance in our health journey with our daughter, as well as deeper communication and more heart connection in our marriage as we walk through it all together. We pray that God would use the ministry of RUF to change lives and advance His kingdom. And we wish YOU all a blessed year as well!

singin' in the rain rain


  1. What a fun year! It's almost time for the UN-Birthday party again! Woohoo!

  2. Lots of great moments in 2010!

  3. They were all great! Glad we were there to share some of them, and all of them we share with you in our hearts. We love you and know that 2011 will be a great year for all of us. We love our family and glad ya'll are a part of it. Much love and prayers during 2011!