Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a very happy UN-birthday...

Let the birthday festivities begin!

My best bud Leah's 2nd birthday was yesterday. (the 16th)
Mine is tomorrow. (the 18th)

So what does that make today, the day in between?

Our UN-birthday! (and how do you like our matching Sesame Street shirts that say "Best Friends"? he he)

Our UN-birthday was filled with...


singing "Happy UN-birthday to you" followed by blowing out the candles on our delicious mini cupcakes...

shooting some hoops...

a musical concert, and so much more... it was a blast!

Let's hear it for the gals turning TWO!
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  1. Leah's Grandma here -- Happy Birthday Caroline! I especailly like the "toe tapping" picture...lots of toes and shoes in that photo!
    Hope you have a great day, today, too!

  2. Happy Birthday Caroline!

    Be happy and have a great time.

    We love you.
    Grandma and Grandpa Barnett

  3. Happy un birthdays and happy birthdays Leah and Caroline, Love you gals, Mamie