Friday, February 26, 2010

potential future career paths #12...

Shall we do it again? (Who says you can't have any fun even when your hair's falling out?)

Let's see what I could be destined for....

Hiker on the Appalachian Trail.

Handywoman. (yes, this was the scene when our family locked ourselves out of the house this week & we tried to "break in" by attempting to crawl through the pet was quite like a scene from Mission Impossible! ha!)

Professional taste tester. ( cupcake, please!)

The next Lynchburg RUF campus minister??? ha ha!

Dog whisperer.

??? Now it's your turn! Let's hear your guesses & we'll pick a winner!
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  1. Caroline, we predict you will be the next leader of Sesame Street.

    The pics are great.

    Love ya,

    Nanny & Papa

  2. AIr traffic controller! :)

  3. Toy quality control inspector...holding it up to the light....yep, looks just right!

  4. helicopter stunt pilot


  5. Aerodynamic air travel designer. We will be flying everywhere in the future you know. Caroline - I can see the wheels spinning in your mind....what's it going to be?

  6. You were locked out with your camera...that is impressive.

  7. Looks like a ballerina pose to me! What a pretty girl!

  8. I think she has a future in interpretive dance-wouldn't mommy and daddy be proud of that! Ha!

  9. Toy store Expert

    Toy demonstrator.

    THIS children, is how you fly a helicopter....

  10. ooooh, great responses as always! :) How do you pick a winner from THOSE? They're all great! Nevertheless, we promised a winner, so we'll go with the... interpretive dancer & ballerina pose! It's a tie! Congrats to Chels & Blessed Mommy! 2nd runner up was the toy quality control inspector!