Saturday, February 6, 2010

snow & skype...

(Yea! Post #700! Fill in with celebratory music here ______.)

This is the scene in our backyard today. (pretty, right?) It has finally quit snowing, but church is canceled tomorrow for the second week in a row! Such a bummer.

Last weekend we headed out to the park with our RUF intern, Parker, to do some sledding.

Photo op before the ride. :)

Woohoo! And even though my expression looks otherwise, I really did enjoy it, Parker!

But this is what I enjoy the MOST about snow... eating the stuff. Yummm...

You know what else I like to do when we're snowed in??

Take piggy-rides around the house...

...and skype with my grandparents, Nanny & Papa, and Mamie & Pop! They're a hoot!
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  1. Caroline,

    We enjoy the skyping as much as you do. Probably more. Can't wait to get some real sugar. We love y'all.

    Nanny & Papa

  2. Looks like she's having a blast! She looks sooo cute all bundled up for winter. Love how the last picture is all 3 of you using technology/cameras!