Friday, February 5, 2010

indoor fun...

We're snowed-in AGAIN! (the 2nd weekend in a row!) If you're paying attention to the national news, this storm is quite a biggie. The snow is expected to continue through tomorrow (Sat) with expected totals of up to 12" here. (We know many of you Texans probably think this is "normal" for Virginia, but trust us-- it hasn't snowed this many times since the 1980's.)

Anyways, when it's yucky outside, you gotta find ways to have fun inside, right?

Well, there seems to be no shortage of creativity over here. :)

And guess what?

On the next post, we'll be celebrating post #700! Let's party, Leah!
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  1. Caroline,

    Are you practicing for the big birthday bash? Get ready - here we come!!. Can't wait to see the 700th!.

    Love y'all,

    Nanny & papa

  2. Those are the cutest jammies I have ever seen!!!!