Friday, February 19, 2010

2nd birthday bash...

Since my birthday fell on a Thursday, which is our usual RUF night, we invited the students to come early to RUF to help us celebrate my 2nd birthday!

(Afterall, these guys are the highlight of my week! I know them all by name & they are practically like family to us anyway!)

Sesame Street was, of course, the theme of choice this year!

Nanny made us a delicious cake & Sesame Street cupcakes.

Yummmmmm! A cupcake here...

Some cake and ice cream there... :)

Mommy & I danced to the Sesame Street tunes we had playing.

More presents!

Thank you for my gift, Lindsay.

And what toddler birthday party isn't complete without at least a little tantrum?! :)

It was so fun to trade in our tears and celebrate! It's been the best two years of our lives.

We're one blessed little family.
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  1. I love the pictures Amy! It was a great birthday party, the highlight of my week! I am so grateful I got to celebrate sweet Caroline's 2nd year!!!!!!!

  2. Aw it looked like y'all had so much fun!! I'm sorry I couldn't be there (silly work...) but I'm glad Caroline had a AWESOME bday!!!

  3. Love it! Where did you get the Sesame Street shirt? A certain little girl that lives here would LOVE IT. As you know, we did an Elmo party last year, and E loved it. In fact, I recognize those plates you used....Dollar Tree, perhaps? :) Happy Birthday, sweet Caroline!

  4. Happy Birthday to Caroline! She is so cute! We definitely need to get together with ya'll when we are in D.C. this summer-I would love to see Caroline again (and you and Marc, of course)!

  5. She is SOO big I can't believe it. It looks like the party was great fun. They call Sesame Street here "Gulli Gulli Sim Sim"

  6. Looks like she got some great gifts and food and lots of love. I can't believe she is already 2 years old. She just keeps getting cuter!

  7. Yay! Happy birthday to one sweet little girl, born to bless a wonderful Mom and Dad! Love you guys!

  8. Caroline,
    We had a wonderful time helping you celebrate your 2nd birthday. We are glad you enjoyed the cake and cupcakes. We'll have to come up with something neat next year too. No. 3. You have a great year. I know the Lord will bless you, mommy & daddy with wonderful milestones and blessings. I'm glad we can be a part of it.

    Love y'all,

    Nanny & Papa