Sunday, January 2, 2011

another adoption...

Okay, so besides hoping we get a clear diagnosis and answers re: Caroline's health this year, there's something else we're praying for in 2011 that I failed to mention.

Another adoption!

All the time people ask me (Amy), "So, are you guys ever looking to adopt again?" and to me, that's a NO brainer! Um, YES! A hundred times YES! A hundred, million TRILLION times YES! I guess I've just assumed everyone knows what's going on in our hearts without ever actually saying it! (oops!) So here goes:

We are praying that God would allow us to adopt another baby again!

We had such an AWESOME adoption experience with Caroline's birthmom, Megan, who we met through word-of-mouth, and we've wondered, could it ever be that perfect again? Probably not. But that's okay. It doesn't have to be. We still feel called to adoption. (and Megan, any potential birthmom we meet will surely be calling you to get the scoop on us... he he...)

So as you guys are reading this, I'm sure you're like, "Great! Well, I know an adoption agency where you can sign up and get in line!" But for now, if it's possible, we'd prefer another word-of-mouth, private adoption like we did the first time. (we actually met Megan first & then pulled in an agency to assist us with the adoption) We know firsthand that it can happen. Now don't get me wrong-- if we feel like at some point we need to go through an agency, we'll definitely go that route. But for now, we figure it's worth a try to put the word out there, wait & see.

So here's where you guys come in, o faithful blog readers... :) Would you guys please keep your eyes & ears out for any potential adoption situations for us? Is there a way to get the word out? Shall I scream it from the mountaintops, "HELLOooooo!!! WE'RE LOOKING TO ADOPT!!!!" :)

So if you know of a girl anywhere out there who suddenly finds herself pregnant & is considering adoption for her child, we would LOVE to talk with her. I seem to meet people all the time who say, "oh yeah, my mom knows a girl at her school who just got pregnant & is thinking about adopting," etc. It's everywhere. We are just praying that one of these days , another birthmom will pick US to be the forever parents to her child again. (then what will the blog title be instead of "Crazy for Caroline"?? Perhaps "Those Crazy Corbetts??") ha ha!

So would you pray with us that the Lord would allow us to welcome another precious life into our little family in 2011? And if YOU hear of any possible leads of birthmoms, would you please let us know?

Thanks, sweet friends!


  1. That is awesome!! We are in the process of adopting again also. I will pray for y'all!

  2. Praying for ya'll! So excited to see what God will do in the Corbett familys' life this year :)-Lisa Mast

  3. Praying! Caroline seems like she would make a fabulous big sister . . .