Thursday, January 6, 2011

at 34 months...

There is no doubt I'm a special gal at 34 months...

  • I weigh 31 pounds (50th percentile) & I'm 3 feet tall. (also around 50th percentile)
  • Words to describe me might be: smart, smart, SMART!, social, talkative, musical, strong-willed, bossy, fun-loving, sensitive, & sweet.
  • I can tell you what letter a word starts with. ("what does 'book' start with?" "B!")
  • My counting goes to 25.
  • I've already got my first flower girl gig lined up for September! :) (others of you will, of course, first need to speak to my agent... ha!)

  • I can now cross my eyes. Such a cool trick, don't ya think?
  • Mommy's trying to break me of the habit of talking about myself in the 3rd person. (hey- Elmo does it all the time. Why can't I?)
  • I'm still talking non-stop about my birthday! About 2-3 times a day, the monologue goes like this: "Mommy, is it February 18?" "Almost!" "It's almost February 18th! I'm getting bigger and bigger and bigger and I'm going to grow SO tall up to the ceiling. They're going to put a birthday cake in front of my chin and sing "Happy Birthday to you" and then I'm gonna be three (hand gesture "3") and then I'm gonna blow out the candle (big blow) and then I'm gonna EAT the cake!" (Mommy is getting so excited about this birthday as she watches my anticipation of it grow each day! And yes, I still want piglets on my cake.)
  • I love making these "necklaces" with Mommy! Other things I LOVE to do right now: sing, dance, listen & sing along with Avett Brothers or Mumford & Sons in the car, push the little grocery cart around the grocery store, cook with Mommy or in my toy kitchen, watch Sesame Street or Thomas the Train, play OUTSIDE, type/play games on the computer, look at photo albums, and read books.
  • Speaking of books, I'm really getting into books now with a plot to them. My FAVORITE story that I ask to read every night is "Peter and the Wolf." Other stories I like now are Curious George, Country Mouse/City Mouse, any type of classic children's stories like the Three Little Pigs, Henny Penny, Goldilocks & the Three Bears, etc.
  • I'm also now starting to understand "tension" in a story or show. When I watched "The Grinch Stole Christmas," I told Mommy, "His heart is not being very nice, Mommy."

  • I can type my first name on a computer screen all by myself! (see?) Mommy thinks it's pretty freaky how quickly I can maneuver my way around Daddy's phone & computers so quickly, even before I'm three years old. (uh-oh...)
  • I'm pretty obsessed with clocks right now. I like that the numbers change, and that the hands on the clock go down (toward the 6) and then back up (toward the 12). Though the ones that chime or make noise kinda scare me.
  • Over Christmas week, I told Nanny matter-of-factly, "I don't have any hair." She told me I was beautiful without it. I also told my cousins the same thing, and then I said, "It all just fell out. Whew!" (and made a motion with my hand of it falling out) I didn't have any problem with it, of course, but it was the first time I had ever SAID anything about it, and so it was a somewhat sad moment for Mommy & Daddy. I haven't brought it up since. Thankfully there's no question in my mind that I'm gorgeous and that I'm LOVED.

  • My drawing is getting better each day, too! I can draw smiley faces now! (I said this picture was Nanny & Papa)
  • I looked at a healthy cereal box today and said, "I don't want that any more. I want this one (with HONEY) all the time." ha!
  • I'm on my way to being potty trained! During the day I've just started wearing underwear now around the house and I'm going pee-pee consistently on the toilet! (still prefer pooping in a diaper, however...) And even in the night, I'll wake up most times if I need Mommy to take me to the potty instead of going in my diaper.
  • Still singing up a storm around here. But instead of singing real songs that you might actually recognize, I've taken to using bits & pieces of alot of songs and then making up my own melodies and words. :)
  • My "jobs" around the house are to: empty out the trashcans into the big trashcan, help set the table, pick up my toys, & put away my shoes and hat when I come inside.
  • I'm also obsessed with little babies. Sometimes I ask Mommy if I have a baby in my tummy.

I'm growing up to be one pretty remarkable little lady. :)
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  1. I'm so happy that Peter and the Wolf is one of her favorites! It's one of the reasons I chose to play bassoon! I loved catching up on his blog and reading all about your holidays and yummy meals and plans for another adoption! It made my heart sing to read that you would open your hearts and home to yet another child!

  2. Caroline, you are remarkable. The Grinch really did have a mean heart. Thanks for singing your made up songs for me on the telephone.

  3. Caroline, you have to tell me what kind of cake you want. The piglets (and other animals) on top is an easy task. Color of icing would also be helpful. You are getting so big, tall and smart. Nanny & Papa are so proud of you. The hair is an outward commodity. You have what it takes on the inside. You are loved and adored. Hope to see you soon.
    Much love,

  4. Oh Ames, she and E could be such buddies....if only you were closer. They seem to have so much in common. Caroline is SUCH a sweet, smart young doubt a reflecting of her SUPER Mommy and Daddy! Love ya!