Wednesday, January 12, 2011

just like mommy...

This is my "pretend violin." (that's what I started calling it today!) Mommy says that when I can take care of this violin I can get a REAL violin and play like her! I'm so excited!

So every time we touch it, we practice treating the pretend violin and bow ever-so-carefully!

I already know all the parts to a violin. Here's the chin rest.

And here's the true test of my violin skills. Yes, yes. All violin teachers (including my mommy) will be so proud. My pinkie is curved on TOP! :)

(okay, enough pictures, Mom.)

It's time to play.
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  1. Smart, talented, and adorable...seriously she is my favorite little girl ever!! She'll be able to have a whole band soon! I definitely want a hat like hers too, not even kidding where did you get it? :)

  2. Caroline, you are the professional violinist! The pics are great! You are so sweet. We love you!