Saturday, August 18, 2012

at 4 1/2...

Today my "baby" is 4 and a HALF!  I can't believe it.  Injured hand and all, I know I'm living some of the best years of my life right now.

So what's life at 4 1/2 like for this special little gal?

  • She is WAY more independent than ever, in every way possible.  (That's good and bad.)  Seriously, sometimes it's 4 going on 14.
  • She's reading quite proficiently, and learning to write and spell new words each day.  (recent words she's spelling are "enjoy," "something," "tonight")  We still have another year of preschool.  
  • All this girl wants to do is TYPE!  She is grabbing hold of language through writing messages, and it's amazing what she can write at her age.  We recently spent an entire 4 1/2 hour car trip back from South Carolina in complete silence, handing a writing pad back and forth to each other.  LOVED that.

  • Caroline is pretty adventurous once she's first assessed that something is safe and okay for her to try.  Especially if she sees another kid doing it first, then she's gotta try.  (like petting this python!)
  • This girl can change her speech like nobody's business.  She learns your accent and your pattern of speech and she will talk just like you!  It's a little creepy how good she can impersonate without really even trying to.  
  • Caroline says she wants hair, but that her alopecia doesn't bother her.  She says it's okay if she doesn't get hair.  I know people admire her confidence.  She gets tired of telling people about her alopecia.  I don't blame her.

  • She has become more picky about which "jobs" she likes and doesn't like.  Spray this iguana with water?  LIKE.  Make my bed every morning?  DISLIKE.
  • She's got a ridiculous habit of making a hissing/daffy duck sound with her mouth all the time right now.  I'm pretty sure she won't still be doing it when she's 16, so I'm chalking it off to a phase.  :)
  • Music is this girl's thing!  (hmmmm... wonder why...he he)  She and I enjoy doing piano "lessons" together, and she is now just starting to read music.  She's got a great ear for it.  

  • I don't think she's worn shorts or pants for at least 6 months.  She is INSISTENT it's gotta be a dress or skirt everyday.
  • Little things fascinate her-- watching a train, seeing a butterfly, picking flowers and making a "bouquet."  She's incredibly observant and perceptive, too.  Almost nothing gets by this gal.  We are always amazed by what she notices in her surroundings, in other people, and in us.  (yikes!)
  • Caroline is SO eager to be a big sister!  She loves seeing babies, and is praying for a baby sister because she says she already has a birth brother.  (Brayden- 2 years older)  :)  She knows that God's in charge of that, and when it's just the right time, He will bring us a birthmommy who will pick us.  (please let us know if you guys hear of any potential adoption situations)

  • Caroline loves everything involving PEOPLE!  Can we say SOCIAL extrovert?  Her day revolves around who she's going to be able to see and play with.  When she's here at home, she's often typing out messages on the computer wanting to play with her best friend, Leah.  (another reason why a sibling would be great right about now!  This baby would be LOVED!)
  • We've done no formal swimming lessons, but over this summer, she's started the beginning stages of swimming.  If she can touch on the bottom, she doesn't need to wear a floaty anymore.  And she now LOVES going underwater.  
  • 4 and 1/2 is a challenge, but I'd say less so overall than 3 was.  Our bad days are baaaaad, but they don't seem to be as often as before, I guess?   
4 1/2 is great.  

And we love, love, LOVE this gal.


  1. Caroline, happy 4 and a half. I can remember when your dad would change his voice to impersonate other people. He even did Rush Limbaugh on the phone answering system. Everybody though it was Rush. He could also sound like the president of the US, George Bush (the older one) Maybe that's a characteristic you have that he likes. You are one smart little girl, and we love you very much.

  2. everybody thought. oops