Friday, August 17, 2012

the first cut is the deepest...

Dear blog friends,

There is so much I could say, but can't, as I'm now typing to you one-handed.

Many of you know this past Saturday I had an accident with my kitchen knife as I was making lunch.  It slipped, stabbing me sharply in the left hand between my 3rd and 4th fingers.

It hit an artery.
It was a bloodbath in my new kitchen.  It was everywhere.
Unlike anything I have ever experienced.
I'd even say traumatic.
And it was/is scary, especially since my livelihood as a violinist depends on my fingers.

I will spare you the rest of the details, especially for those of you like me who will pass out at the mention of a laceration.  You can imagine how "well" I did when it happened to me.

I'm being held together by lots of stitches (never had them before) and the body of Christ that is surrounding me.

Though there is much I CAN'T show you from the accident, here are a few things I can.

This is the remains of my wedding band. I've only removed it a handful of times in 13 years, and Saturday it had to be cut off me.  :(  (the good news is that I had hoped to get a new band at some point... so I guess that's going to be a good thing when it's all said and done..)

This is the former RUF student who just HAPPENED to be in town and dropped by for an unexpected visit.  Little did he know the Lord was bringing him here to clean my blood off of the ceiling and mow our grass... wow.

This is another dear former student who hopped in the car to come rescue my daughter while I was being sewn up to give her a "normal" day of playing, McDonald's, and ice cream. (that's proven to help traumatic events, I've heard...) THEN Lindsay stayed with us 2 nights to help out our family.  SUCH a blessing.

THIS is me high on pain pills.  Ha!  Just kidding.  But maybe not.  In order for Caroline to not be afraid of my hand, she put a Tinkerbell baindaid on the front and wrote "I love you" on the back.

But what is NOT shown is who-knows-how much blood I lost.

Also not shown are the countless others from my sweet little church who have been providing meals for  us all week.

Or the RUF girls who sat with me while I cried about it yesterday and prayed with me.

Or the prayers being lifted up for my recovery.

Or my sweet husband, who literally jumped up and down with joy when the hand specialist gave us the news that I shouldn't need further surgery.

Tonight, almost a week later, my finger is still swollen, bruised, stiff, and very painful.  I'm functioning moderately well, but daily life is difficult with any injury.  I would appreciate your prayers for recovery and healing.  Thank you, friends!
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  1. Ya'll are always in our prayers, each and every day and several times a day when I think of you. We love you. Sorry I was not able to go help out at this time. Much love.

  2. SO THANKFUL that you are OK and will be able to play again!!! Love and miss you!!

  3. Oh that one of your wedding band tears me up!