Wednesday, August 22, 2012

before the craziness hit...

Ahh, yes.  Another year of campus ministry.  For the 12th year of doing this, you'd think we'd be calm and collected, prepared and ready.   (a-hem....)

But before the semester officially kicks off & things get CRAZY busy around here, we enjoyed a quick overnight getaway retreat with our student ministry team.  The focus of this retreat was to plan and pray for this upcoming semester, as well as get to know each other and grow as a team together.  For homework, each student was to take a personality test (based off the Meyers Briggs) and share their findings with the group.  It was so insightful and helpful as a team to learn and appreciate how God has wired us so differently, yet He uses our differing gifts in the Body to grow His kingdom.

Here's a snapshot I got during one of the ministry team's planning sessions.

And then it was off to the lake with the students!

Marc & Caroline decided to do some tubing together.  It would be her first time!

Watch Caroline's expressions.  From this...  (not so sure)

To this...

to THIS!

So much fun!

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  1. Tough enough life, Caroline....

  2. Caroline, glad you had that time with dad on the water. Looks like fun. Love ya.