Thursday, August 9, 2012

letters from caroline...

This post has been a long time coming.

Because for the last few months, my child (only 4, you understand) has been writing letters and messages almost non-stop.  Can we just say OBSESSED?  She's going nuts with writing and typing, and as a result, Marc and I are blown away with what she's able to spell and write on her own without help at this point.  (and we still have an entire year before kindergarten..)  I'm starting to see something with language skills or communication in her future career path...

It started out quite simple this summer-- "That is funny Mommy."  "That looks good Daddy."

Next she wanted to write letters to people.  Before our beach trip with her cousins, she wrote them this one:

"Dear Trevor and Tyson, I want to build a sandcastle with you.  Love, Caroline"

But now it's all about wanting to type out messages!  We have to limit her "screen" time because if we didn't, this girl would sit and type words and messages ALL day!

So I thought some of you might get a kick out of reading a few emails she sent this month to her best bud, Leah.  (Usually I let her type them out by herself while I walk on the treadmill, and it's amusing to when I'm done to see what thoughts have come out of her head and onto the screen!

Here goes...

Dear Leah, my Nick name is CC.

Can you come over here? the Sun is out.

I am Laughing? do you Think I am good?

im Doing Finger Painting

I am happy today

Can you and Susu and paul Come here bring your toy out

love, caroline

Dear leah
I love you
How are you at the beach
I so miss you
Can you  make me something there for me and my friend lucy
Are you having a fun time at the beach
We just got home from south Carolina
Did you know it maybe we will go on a date maybe mommy will say yes
Or no
We are at our house
Love caroline

dear leah
I love you
you are good
im happy  :)   (yes, she does smiley faces on her own...)
lily is having a baby brother I
think lily is having a baby today
 I think nicci is having a baby today I love that
can you can you go on a walk with  me and mommy on a walk on moday night I can do that
my mother said that I can do that
im typing caroline has loved you all the time and all day
love caroline

Dear leah, my favorite color is light purple.
I love you.
I love Susu too.
We are at are house.
You are good
I am doing fine.
 how about you? I miss you at the beach win will you come to your house
 come over to are house. Dive home safely ok
mommy is watching a show and working out
love your friend caroline

Caroline is THRILLED when she gets a message back from her friend, Leah!

Hi Caroline
My pink dolphin and my bunny are going to bed with me.
My scooby books are in a suitcase.
I love you Caroline.
Good night Caroline.

This is the most recent email (and longest yet)... I love the Home Depot comment!  (can you tell we just did a kitchen remodel??)  :)

dear leah I love you this much did you make me something there we are at are house :) you :) me how are you you are good I miss you i have a message saveing do you want it I love you so much and I love Susu this much too isn’t it so funny or not so funny hows lucy doing do you love 

her I love her I love home depot don’t you too I am laughing about that are you too doing that too can I play at your house I want to do something with you at your house can you and me do that when you get home from the beach I want to will you let me and mommy do it after dinner I want to do that ok leah do you want me I want you love caroline

I've got one sweet and smart little gal.  And she's got alot to say.
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  1. Set up an email account for her and send me a note now and then.

  2. This is SO. AWESOME!! i was thoroughly entertained (and impressed, of course!) by this post. happy new RUF year to the corbetts! hope lots of people have been giving you money!

  3. That is impressive. But writers are usually kinda loners and she's so social. She writes about being social.

  4. This is amazing. Her messages are so sweet!

  5. Caroline, you can e-mail nanny & papa too. Hope you have a good e-mail day. Love ya.

  6. Hey Amy
    I am so sorry about your hand. Praying that you can still play violin.

    I am about to send some letters to India for some MK's. If Caroline would like to write to them too, let me know and I can send you more details.. I am back in Dallas and would love to catch up soon

    Love, Cathy