Monday, September 24, 2012

best catch...

After our devastating news on Friday afternoon, it didn't take us long to know we needed help in healing our wounded hearts.

Thankfully, the Lord has placed an older, MUCH wiser couple in our lives who have been a tremendous support to us since we moved to Virginia.  The wife, also known as "my living room friend" throughout Caroline's onset of alopecia because she faithfully came over each week to minister to and love on me.  I will never be able to thank her enough for how she helped me through the scariest and saddest time of my life.

Just by committing to sit in the pain with me.

So as we found ourselves grieving over our unexpected news this weekend, our friends graciously invited us to getaway to their beautiful retreat of a home, situated along a river.

It was a peaceful, restful time for us to enjoy quiet, uninterrupted family time together.

It was a time to share our hearts, our fears, our disappointments, and let our friends love on us and remind us of what is true.

It was a time for Marc and I to remember and reflect upon all that the Lord HAS given us.  Already.

We are abundantly blessed beyond measure.

We can't let one bad bump in the adoption rollercoaster tell us otherwise.

We are choosing to believe that this was ultimately for our best.

Though it doesn't seem that way now.
Though it doesn't feel that way now.

There must be something He knows that we don't.
There must be something else (or someone else) He has for us down the road.

I must remember that I'm not the author of this Story, but I can trust the One who is.

It was a much needed time away to catch our breath.

That's not the only thing we caught, though.  This was our best catch of the day!

And this was the best catch of our lives.
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  1. What a catch! Still love the missing tooth... It fits her somehow.

  2. Our God is Sovereign and in control, and He does know things we don't. He looks upon the entire path. We can only see what is right before us. Trust in Him. He loves us and knows what is best for us. We love you and thank God for that wonderful blessing He gave to all of us that changed our lives 4 1/2 years ago.