Tuesday, January 29, 2013

love abounds...

Love abounds here.

Yes, our family is as dysfunctional as the next.

And the stresses of life can weigh heavy upon our shoulders.

Things are broken.  Our students are hurting.  Our loved ones are aging.

But Love still abounds here.

Sleep may be hard to come by.

And the children aren't the only ones who have the melt-downs.

but Love continues to abound.

A love note left in the fridge.

And a love note from my daughter.

("I love you so much.  I love you this much
Is that too much
Well that's how much I love you

Words from the outside.

Reminding me of what is true.

Because even though I may not feel it, Love is present.

Ever abounding.

Often we question what the other is doing.

As if we forget we are on the same team.

We'd rather be left alone.

Or we feel like we're not getting through.

But always, we are secure in His care.

Though we feel tossed about, we find our rest in Him.

Both in the chaotic and the quiet,

He is faithful to lavish us with grace, peace, love, and ultimately Himself

He gives us Words from the outside.

Page after page of them.

Reminding us of what is true, indeed.

And it is out of that Love, we can always say...

Love abounds here.
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  1. Yes, it does. Praise Him from whom all blessings flow. Thanks for the reminder. We tend to forget. Love y'all.