Thursday, January 10, 2013

worth the wait...

I would fill out a million, bazillion questions of paperwork and run all over the city to complete them again for you.

I would be rejected by another birthmother that I thought was "the one" again to have you in my arms.

I would agonize through years of infertility treatments only to get to you.

I would wait and wait.  And wait.  To hear any news of hope again.

I would face the silence, the months of hopelessness and despair again if I had just known you were around that corner.

I would again walk by faith and not by sight, though it mostly felt barren and alone, for you.

I would trust the Author to write a happier ending than I could have dreamed to find you.

The journey to you was not an easy one.

But you, my sweet boy, were indeed worth the wait.

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  1. We like him too, a lot! He was worth the wait. I'm so glad that our Heavenly Father is in control!

  2. So true! Hope to meet that cutie someday soon. He is adorable!