Friday, January 4, 2013

smiles abound...

I love this boy.

No, really.  Like, I love, LOVE this little guy.

Could that little face be any more sweet?

He melts our hearts with lots of smiles during his "sweet times" after eating.  If he flashes those cute, gummy smiles when big sis is around, you'll find her squealing with delight and squeezing him (too tightly, I might add) with hugs.   Could he be any more adorable?

We have much to smile about, especially after the news from a swallow test that his airways checked out just fine.  What a relief to know we are only dealing with silent reflux and not anything that would require surgery to repair.  (Though reflux is no cake walk, either.)  Thank you, Jesus.

He doesn't have reflux in the spitting-up sense, though that certainly happens on occasion.  But it breaks our heart to hear him choking, coughing, and trying to clear his throat often after he burps as his little digestive system isn't mature enough to keep things down.  With silent reflux babies comes more respiratory issues-- hence we've had bronchiolitis twice already in the first month.  It's particularly worse at night.  It's also worse when he lays on his back, even while elevated.  (during the day when I can watch him, I let him sleep on his tummy-- I know, I know, I'm not supposed to...-- and he sleeps for long stretches beautifully.  If only...)

The good news is that with this silent reflux, he's not even fussy about it.

Tough kid!

Either he's got a high pain threshold or he's one laid back little man.

I don't know that it really bothers him a bit, except that it keeps him from resting well at night while he's sitting up sleeping in a bouncy seat.  He's not shrieking in pain or acting "colic-y" like most babies with reflux.

Nevertheless, we are trying a reflux medicine (Zantac) that will help reduce the amount of acid so that his esophagus won't be harmed while his system is still developing.  So far we're not seeing any change.  And we're also switching around formulas a bit to see if that makes any difference as well.

(Marc and I also welcome any ideas or resources that you all have that may provide some help, too.)

But reflux or no reflux, there's no doubt we've all got SO much to smile about around here.  :)
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  1. He is so precious!! I'm ready for a hug and some more sugar!!

  2. Amy, James had some reflux issues early on, and we liked using the Nap Nanny for daytime naps.

    Mary Mills

  3. The son of a friend of ours had silent reflux and they put some gas drops straight into his bottles. They found it made a huge difference. They also did the tummy sleeping. I find it works well with my non-reflux babies too.

  4. He is a heart breaker. Really, every time I see his picture I grin from ear to ear. I wish I could come love on him.

    Also, I read the most recent post today too. I really admire you for your writing on this blog and I soundly know God is using you, Amy. Life with two littles is crazy and I do not think enough people speak the truth about it. I feel like I am just coming out of the "mom of two littles, with no family around" fog and Dom is 3. Hang in there. It gets better.