Wednesday, July 24, 2013

almost mobile...

This guy...  (holding on & standing oh-so proudly by himself- is he not the cutest thing ever?!?)

is almost mobile!  

Put this little guy on the floor, and he'll quickly begin maneuvering himself from sitting up to crawling position to sitting up again.

He can scoot himself backwards and rotate himself around on his belly...

And any day we anticipate him taking off.

Oh, how our life is about to change...

Until then, we're enjoying confinement.  :)

Quick health update on Jameson:  It's looking like we are possibly on the path towards yet another ear infection.  Jameson's reflux has caused him to become congested in his nose the past two days, so much now that it is affecting his sleeping and eating, and I can tell he's not feeling good at all.  Marc is away this week at RUF staff training, and I am home attempting to survive with two kids.  Thankfully, I have an extremely helpful mother-in-law who traveled up from South Carolina and has come to the rescue for a couple of days!  But since we've been through this cycle so many times with Jameson now, I can almost bet that in the next few days, the congestion will go to his ears... which means we've got some more long, sleepless nights ahead of us...

He will have a pre-op appointment tomorrow with the ENT who will be putting the tubes in his ears on August 5, so I can have them check his ears for signs of infection then.  But I'm becoming nervous about the timing of all of this, and if an infection would interrupt the plans for the tubes.  We've GOT to get these tubes in to slow down all of these infections!!  The poor guy pulls on them almost every time he drinks from a bottle.  :(  I think he will feel SO much better after the surgery.  So we'd appreciate any prayers for his continued health, the upcoming surgery, and Mommy and Daddy's physical endurance to get through it all.  Thanks!
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