Tuesday, July 30, 2013

gone rogue...

Well folks, just like that, he's gone rogue.

And he won't be stopped.

Yesterday morning, it's as if a switch magically turned on, and this guy was off to the races crawling.(!!)

Naturally, big sis figured out the foolproof way to keep this boy movin'.

1)  Set up a stockpile of favorite toys to lure him in.

2) Wait while he considers it.

3)  If he doesn't get going right away, he may need some pointers and encouragement.

4)  And he made it!

5)  But before he can enjoy it TOO much, (heaven forbid!) snatch it out of his hand and place it on the OTHER side of the room.

He turns.  He sees it.

And there he'll go again.

(We'll see how long before that part of the game gets old...)

There's no telling how much exercise he got that first day!

He's pretty proud of himself, and we're proud of him, too!

Alas, we enter the world of baby gates and childproofing again....
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  1. woohoo!! it's funny how the first kid you're looking so forward to mobility and then after that, you want them to wait as long as reasonably possible to start moving :-)you think caroline will end up as a personal trainer??

  2. Way to go, Jameson. Don't let sissy get anything on you. Next it's walking. Watch out mom & dad, here I go! I'm proud of you too, Jameson. Atta boy!