Thursday, December 5, 2013

cc's world...

So much attention has naturally been going to the baby of the family that we musn't leave out sharing about this special gal.

It's so crazy to me to watch our little CC, a helpless little baby, grow into an energetic, verbose five year old girl who's now got a mouthful of wiggling, loose teeth.  (We will be singing "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth."  Mark my words.)

This girl's 5 going on 19.

She's taken to her role of big sister well.

Oooh, she looooooves her baby brother.

They are quite the pair together.  She can get him belly laughing like nobody else.

She also gets annoyed when he knocks over her lego towers or takes things out of her room.
(but it's also SO good for her world to be rocked a little, too.)

I haven't shared how incredibly helpful she is to our family.

This was her first time making grilled cheese sandwiches for all of us.  (She did great!)
She does laundry.
She carries groceries in.
She has now learned to let us sleep in on Saturdays... (unfortunately Jameson has not.)

If only she could pick up her room without major drama...

Caroline is obviously very gifted academically (she is reading to her class at school), but we are more proud when her teacher often tells us how she encourages others.

There is NO doubt this girl is born to lead.  She is strong, smart, assertive and independent.
She is 60 mph in intensity ALWAYS, and she will control and direct anything with ease if you let her.
(she comes by that honestly... cough cough...)

But!  She loves people passionately.
We love her super duper big heart.

Like the heart that drew this little picture that I happened to find one day, thanking her teacher.

And the heart that rushes to create a "theater" for us all when we declare it a family movie night.

I don't know why the Lord gave her alopecia.
But I do know why He made her to be so verbally expressive and strong willed.
She will need those skills walking through life as a bald woman.
I have a feeling God is going to use her life and story in awesome ways.

(If we make it through the teenage years alive, that is.)

We praise you, God. for the gift of Caroline and all that she means to us and our family.

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  1. Words cannot express how much I praise God and thank Him for my beautiful granddaughter, Caroline. She is just what we need. God loves us through this blessed little girl. Thank You God!