Tuesday, December 17, 2013

pleas for sleep...

Oh Jameson,

It's a good thing you are sooooo cute.

Because this Mama is soooooo TIRED.  I can barely keep going.

For two nights straight you have screamed and cried at all hours of the night.

You're not hungry.
You're not happy.

You're not feeling well, but no amount of ibuprofin or rocking or snuggling or bringing you to bed with us will console you.

Are these finally the first teeth coming in??  I've given up on that hope.  (Though, if it is teething, you'd better be getting 8 in at a time if this is what it will be like...)

I know what I want for Christmas.... SLEEP!

(You know things are not well when you are literally shouting OUT LOUD at God from your bed half-insane in the wee hours in the night, "God, what am I supposed to DO!?!  I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!"

To top it off, today at lunch Marc told me he enjoyed hearing me pray out loud last night.

I about choked on my food.  "Pray?!?  Um, that was more like screaming at God," I said.

"Well, that counts, too.  Just look at the psalms."

Huh.  "Well, you wouldn't hear those kind of prayers at church," I snarked back.

To which he replied, "We need more prayers like that.")

So Jameson, I'm going to fill up this blog post with your cuteness.

I'm going to remember the good times while the times right now... ain't so good.

(at least at night...)

I mean, how can I be upset at a face like that?  

Maybe it's a good idea to think about how much your sister loves you,
even when you specialize in messing up her toys and activities, too.

Perhaps the most consoling thing might be to look at this very important paper that just came in the mail.

Your adoption finalization is complete in the courts!

You're legally and officially a Corbett now!  Yayyyy!

So it's high time you started sleeping like one...  ;)
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