Wednesday, December 11, 2013

what a year...

What a difference a year makes.

So much change.

Between last December.  (1 month)

And this December. (13 months)

One thing has stayed the same.  She was kissing him then.

And she's still cuddling with him now, though he's not quite as still for it.

Last year, it was easy to take a picture.

This year, one of my subjects runs away... ain't nobody got time for that, Mom.

Last year, Mommy held him near the tree full of breakable, glass ornaments.

This year, he can walk right up to a tree adorned with shatterproof decor.

This was about as much excitement as he got last year.

This year, we have no shortage of it.

What a year.

What a pair.
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  1. Aw... My sweet little grandchildren. It has been a great year. Thank you, Lord! Merry Christmas Caroline & Jameson. We love you.