Tuesday, December 3, 2013

turkey day...

Thanksgiving 2013.

My first time cooking the ENTIRE feast!  I did this!!

And since we couldn't be together with our family & parents in Texas this year, my sister and I got our families together.  They made the looong drive down from Chicago for a very quick visit!

Uncle Marc decided to take these city slickers and put 'em to work chopping wood!  ha!  Here are the resident lumberjacks.

(Marc thinks he resembled Walter White from Breaking Bad.)

These guys got INTO it!  They LOVED it!!  Here's Tyson putting some muscle into it.

And Trevor couldn't get enough.  He said it was an adrenaline rush when the wood split.

(This must be a guy thing.  I truly don't understand.)

The cousins gave us an early Christmas present-- their old Wii!

Even Jameson was into it!

We loved the time with our cousins!

Thank you for coming to see us!

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  1. So glad you were able to share the Holiday of Thanksgiving with family. That makes it so special!!