Thursday, September 4, 2014

lordy, lordy, look who's....

Cue the world's smallest violin, because this guy was so bummed leading up to his 40th birthday.  With the busy start to the semester, there wouldn't be any big surprises.

Or so he thought.

Little did he know, I'd been scheming for weeks, thanks to a secret facebook group and friends that did a great job of keeping their mouths closed!

Gluten free birthday cakes are sadly nothing to write home about...
Marc thought this little shindig at home was THE celebration with James and Callie (our family in town).   Dinner.  Cake.  Presents.

And then a quick date downtown for just the two of us.

As we left the house, Marc was putting on running shoes in hopes that he and I could get some exercise.  Ummm, let me see...  THAT'S not gonna happen.  I made up some complaint that wouldn't throw him off.  And it didn't.

"Well, if you're gonna wear that, I guess I'd better go put a polo on at least."

(That might be a good idea...)

We hopped in the car, and Marc started looking at movie showtimes online.

"What are you doing?" I attempt to say nonchalantly.  My heart was beating OUT OF MY CHEST. Somehow I've got to get him to the place where 30 people are currently assembled without giving it all away!!

"Looking up showtimes.  We never get to see a movie," he responded, engrossed in his phone.

While this is completely true, and we never see movies anymore (because I refuse to pay WAY too much babysitting money to just sit in a theater when I can rent the dumb thing at home later anyway), I knew this would not be the night.

"Let's just go," I said.  I knew that just inside my house, James and Callie were breaking the news to Caroline and Jameson about the surprise party and rushing them to get shoes on and GO!

We had to get out of that driveway or this plan could be BLOWN.

Thankfully, Marc reluctantly agreed to leave, though we still debated on where we should go.  My mind was going a thousand directions-- how was I going to convince him without giving it away?

I needed a stall tactic.  Just for a few minutes so that James, Callie, and the kids could get to the restaurant and in place for the big moment.

"Let's go down to the river," I said spontaneously.  "We can take a few pictures together like we did on our anniversary several years ago."

"Okay, that sounds good!" he said.  Marc's always up for spontaneity.  "We can sit there and have our date."

Nope, we can't.  But I'll figure that out later.

So down to the river we went.  I'd never been more nervous in my life!

Thankfully, there was no great place to sit, and thankfully, the mosquitos were doing a number to my pale, white legs, so it was no problem to get in the car rather quickly and go.  Without saying a word, I took the driver's seat.  This car is going to that restaurant.  He still had no clue.

Even as we pulled into the restaurant, Marc was throwing out alternative ideas of places to go!  Babe, could you just maybe GO WITH ME HERE... 

 He had no idea all these guys were ready and waiting on him to celebrate.

We walked through the restaurant towards the back patio, and I thought he'd surely know something was up at this point.

 "What's James doing h....." he began asking as the door opened.   And as he walked out onto the patio, it quickly became apparent what was happening when everyone yelled out "SURPRISE!!!"

 Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you!

Yessss!!!  We pulled it off!!  It was even BETTER than I could've imagined it.
 He was greeted with hugs.

And with a cane.   (he he!)

 It couldn't have been a nicer evening or a nicer atmosphere to enjoy a relaxed celebration.
You don't know how relieved I was for the surprise to be OVER!!
 Happy 40th birthday, my sweet Marc!

I love you, I love you.
Here's to many, many more years to come.

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