Saturday, September 13, 2014

Photos by Caroline, including Title by Caroline...

 Hi, Friends!
I love to take pictures of things.
This first one is my Dad wearing his helmet over his face after a bike ride on the trails. He is smiling under the helmet.
My mom is funny. She's holding a bunch of toy\fake dollars! (Those are really mine. They go to a thing we have in a basket in the playroom. 
Um, Oh right! This is me! I'm close up to the camera. Can you see the polka doted blanket behind me? That's a fort i made. Do you make forts, too? 

Jameson, you have been 1 sense November the 8th. Today is September 13th. You have been a wonderful brother to me. Jameson can get a ball any time he wants and finds a vacuum stick, Toy bat, remote control, anything that looks like a stick and he thinks it is a bat and runs over to it and scoops it up and just holds it and only uses the ball!
Oh, hearts, You are a famous star! 
Shh! Don't tell anyone this! Secret for you and me! Here we go, "These are stickers and i use them to hold up my signs i make. 

I made a sign that said: No Trespassing 

I have a piano in my house. Do you? Well, I have a pink dress on in this picture. That loop is my handle of my camera. I have a piece of music on my piano. The title is called: WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS. Can you see the notes (music notes) on the piece of music? I was just about to play that.

 My Dad is cutting a watermelon in this photo. I LOVE watermelons. We bought one at the store I think yesterday. Mmmmmmmm! YUMMY IN MY TUMMY! HaHa!

"Tis' hello, Whoever is looking at this photo! I am Callie! I am Caroline's cousin who moved VERY close to her." said Callie. "Thanks, Callie," I said. "I don't think i need you writing on my blog anymore." "OK, Caroline!" said Callie. (Callie was not actually writing on my computer. I just put that on there to make you strong inside)
Ryan and Holly together.
Holly is the one sitting on the left side on the couch. Ryan is the one playing the guitar and sitting on the right side on the other couch. Jameson photo-bombed this picture.
I am not actually writing on the computer in this photo. I am just putting my finger on the T button. Oh! Shh!  Another secret! "Do you see that red button in the middle?" Short secret, Huh?

I guess i have to. Bye! Wait, ballet friends! I need to tell you a few more things! I took this photo for you! "That was 1." you said. Thank you for being here. "That was 2." you said. Do you like me? "Yes, and that was 3. TIMES UP!" you shouted. No, i have about 4 more things to tell you. "Then that would be several." you said. Okay, several. In football there is touchdowns. In baseball you just get one at a time. "1..." you said. WOW! I love it! "2..." you said. I LOVE aquariums! That was a thing on TV. "3..." you said. Football is so amazing. Isn't it? "Yes, and thats 4. NOW! TIMES UP!
O.K., Bye, ballet friends! Bye, Bella! Bye, Kathy! Bye, Katie! Bye, Mary!

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