Monday, September 22, 2014


Just when you think you're into a groove with kids, there's yet another transition around the corner.  This time around, it's leaving us feeling quite ragged...

Over the weekend, Jameson became an escapee crib climber (in the middle of the night, to be exact!).   And once he discovered his new unbridled freedom, there was just NO containing him in a crib any longer.

We endured as many attempts to stay in the crib as we could possibly muster before we decided to make the switch.  Containment was obviously now out of the question, so the issue became: did we want him falling from the top of a crib or from a small toddler bed?...

Yeah, this was such an exciting transition when it was Caroline.  This time around, we're not so happy about the switch.

I happened to really like the option of containment for a 22 month old, especially at night.

To make this transition even more fun, the timing coincided with Jameson having a cold and a case of pink eye!  Yep, good, good times are being had all around our house!

Nevertheless, I think he likes the bed.  Well, that is, until he hears the slightest sound that wakes him up and he climbs right out of bed to come find us... if only we could just get him to STAAAAY in that new bed of his, we'd be in good shape.

It feels like we're back to the newborn phase-- up and down all night.  We're all feeling the effects of sleep deprivation.  (Except Caroline.  Thankfully that girl could sleep through a tornado.)

We could use prayer.

And sleep.

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  1. Let him know whose boss. Let your yea be yea and your nay, nay. It works if he has a consequence for not doing what you(the boss) says.