Monday, October 5, 2015

big boy britches...

This may be a little TMI to some of you, but those who are parents will know what a big deal this is...


Jameson's using the potty (sometimes he asks, sometimes you just have to set him on there and he'll go) and staying dry all day!  (We're still using a diaper at night.)

His first time trying them... much more comfy!
Would you believe it took us FOUR STORES to find toddler's underwear, of all things?  The first two didn't carry any.  In the third, I accidentally bought underwear that was way too big... mama failure.  But finally, on the fourth time around, he picked out his first undies!... Buzz Lightyear, if anyone's wondering... probably because the minions underwear was all sold out..

Way to go, Jameson!  We are so proud of YOU!

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