Wednesday, October 28, 2015

cabell st collective...

I'll be honest, I struggle with the ordinary. 

I love having a little excitement in life, and I've learned that I function best when I have something to look forward to or something I'm currently working on.  I'm made in the image of a masterful Creator, and I've discovered how much I, too, love to create.

I thrive off of having something "extra" going-- a project, a performance, a service opportunity, an outlet of some kind.  Sometimes it's pouring myself into this blog, sometimes it's renovating old houses or putting together a special song for our church's worship team.  

But thought I'd share my latest one with you guys...  Cabell St Collective!

I've pulled together some willing musicians from around our church to form a band and perform a gig at the coffee house in our downtown!

Our band is Cabell St Collective and we'll be performing lots of fun, popular cover songs...  songs from Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, the Head and the Heart, and even Uptown Funk.  It's going to be SO fun!

I can't tell you how excited I am for this!  Not just to show off how well our little group sounds, (they sound great!) but I'm just as excited to bring this to our downtown. I'm committed to helping our little downtown thrive, and I want more people to see the beauty of the CITY.

Cabell St (pronounced "CAA-bull") is a street in my neighborhood next to downtown, and many locals have false mental associations of the street that would include crime and poverty and brown bodies, but what they don't see is the BEAUTY of God's image on full display here-- rich relationships and long-term community between neighbors, diversity in race and class, generosity and friendliness.  Cabell Street, and our neighborhood, IS beautiful, and while the locals might be wondering, "What good could possibly come from Cabell Street?", I'm so proud we put it in our name to declare that there's LOTS of good coming from Cabell Street!

So if you're in town or near by, I invite you to come out Saturday, November 14th!  Grab a nice dinner downtown and then walk over to the White Hart for drinks and the show at 8pm.  We'll be performing two sets of songs with a break in between, about an hour or so worth of music.  Sing your heart out with us or get to know someone new.

See you downtown!

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