Saturday, October 3, 2015

we love this job...

Last weekend, all the RUF's across Virginia joined together for our regional Fall Conference!

The theme of the conference was on prayer, and the speaker was a PCA pastor from northern Virginia.

It was a weekend of relaxing, great teaching,  worship, small groups and connection to other students. 
Small boy.  Big umbrella.

We were in a beautiful spot on the edge of Lynchburg in the mountains, but it literally rained ALL. WEEKEND.

 But that may have been a good thing, actually, because the rain kept the students indoors, allowing plenty of time to hang out and develop/deepen friendships.

Students from 3 of our 4 colleges attended!
It's always good to see the new freshmen come to conference feeling like outsiders and by the end, truly feel a part of the group.

what other song but Heart and Soul, of course...

Caroline and our two piano majors couldn't keep their fingers off the conference center's pianos!

Dad is now HOME!

The GREATEST thing that happened last weekend, though, was thousands of miles away when my Dad, after 54 days in the hospital, was finally discharged to come HOME.

Words cannot express how happy this made me!

 After the weekend, one of our students tweeted, "Fall Conference with Lynchburg RUF was amazing. I've come away feeling closer to God and closer to my RUF family."
We love this job.

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