Saturday, October 31, 2015

seven year old guest blogger: blue ridge parkway fun...

Hi, everybody! This time our fun adventure is in...THE MOUNTAINS!!!! Our journey is with another family, too. This is a pretty picture of the mountains. It was a beautiful peek over the ground and this is the perfect time of year to go because the leaves are changing colors and the weather is perfect, too.
Jameson, Jackson, Maggie, and me are taking a fun kids picture near the side of the mountain. It's a great place to take a picture. There are several overlooks and we took pictures at two places.
Woooo! Slow down! You're pulling me over! Hey, Jameson! You could pull us all over. Watch it! Watch it! You totally could pull us off the mountain and make us die! Well, if I was dead, I would not be writing this blog.
Family picture time! Mommy, me, and Jameson! Love my family! SO MUCH! I love having a little brother (who is quite annoying and funny) and he is the silliest in my family besides Daddy.

Mrs. Kelsey and Jackson are having a fun time in the mountains together and all fun is going well!

Mrs. Kelsey and Jackson and Maggie are not getting all the family fun. So sorry Maggie has her face down, Mrs. Kelsey commented. Maggie had her face down because she did not want me making a silly face at her.
OH! Such a beautiful sight of the daylight! We went down to the lake and we took the Parkway path to this lake near the Peaks of Otter.  Lake in sight, bushes and trees in sight! Why not just head up there? Such a WONDERFUL sight! Fish also in the lake!
Now starring me, Jackson, Jameson, and Maggie, sitting on a turned over boat. Well, what a nice place to sit! Oh, such a jolly place to sit when you need a picture! And right behind you....BOO! A lake! Not so scary, but the lake waves went boo. Hey, no waves!
Oh     my     gooshness. (Gooshness is a weird word meaning gosh AND goodness.) Is this your favorite kind of berry? Red, ripe, and oh so pretty! It's not really my favorite. What is your favorite kind of berry? My favorite kind of berry is the pink kind. DO NOT EAT THESE BERRIES ! That was officially an alert when you go up the mountain. It's okay to pick and hold them but DO NOT EAT THESE BERRIES! Again, that was an alert when you go up the mountain.

We had fun picking the berries. I am not going to tell the secret that will come up in one of the next pictures.
Well, now you really can get to see the berries up close. They are red, ripe, and pretty! There was one berry that was bad on one of the sides and I tried to turn that one so you all couldn't see it.

Well well. The secret I was not going to spoil. The fish! There were 5 King fish in the lake I counted but there might've been more that we couldn't see. And the funnest part was when we got to feed the berries to the fish. (I already told you about that part so don't ask me again.) Ha! Well, they sort of nibbled the berries, but never actually ate the berries. We were so excited that we didn't even notice they weren't eating the berries.

Me, Maggie, and Jameson all LOVED the fish that we all just hung around the bridge and almost never wanted to go get ice cream. Who would never want to get ice cream?

 We drove to the Country Store and got PEACH ICE CREAM.
Well, the grownups enjoyed it too! Maybe the kids had a tad more fun than the grownups, but we all had a good time at the Blue Ridge Parkway. Mommy and Mrs. Kelsey are best friends and love being together. Me and Maggie are best friends, plus Jameson and Jackson are best friends, too.
Well, Happy Halloween! (I forgot to put that part at the beginning) Ha. VA is such a wonderful place to live, with the mountains. (sorry if you do not live in VA)  Bye!

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