Wednesday, November 5, 2008

beauty of creation...

Mommy cannot get over the fact that this is the view out of our kitchen window every day. God's creation is SO good! Sorry, Texans, but you simply do not know what you're missing out on in the fall. Even a trip to Walmart is simply breathtaking out here. (but ask us if we're still this enamored when we're raking up all the leaves in a few weeks, too! ha!)

Check this out- Daddy hung up a swing just for me so that I could relax and take in all the beauty!

Aaahhh, now this is the life...

Tomorrow's my 9 month doctor's visit! I'll letcha know how it goes...
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  1. We're starting to get some color here in Granbury. The price for all that fall beauty is that I can still go outside in my tee-shirt in mid-November.

  2. Sorry- you can't use that excuse because we are, too! It's in the 70's today!