Tuesday, November 25, 2008

first word...

Well, guys, I've been doing alot of babbling and talking recently, but Mommy & Daddy didn't give me official "credit" for my first word until today. This morning at breakfast, I started using it over and over, and I repeated it after Mommy said it again a few minutes later! So count it! My first word was.........

MAMA!!! (yay!)

Yeah, and today has been historic for other reasons, too... I found out I can crawl down the hallway and into other ROOMS! Let me in, Mommy! It's like a whole new world is opened up to me! (now Mommy & Daddy need to really get going on more baby-proofing)

PLUS, I think I'm changing from two naps a day to one long nap now because for the past two days, I've stayed up until lunchtime and crashed all afternoon... life is changing VERY fast these days! It's all happening at once!
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  1. Wow! I can't wait to hear her first word in person... just ONE more day!!

  2. Yeah!! She said it!! I was glad to read your comment about her only taking one nap, b/c Lydia has been taking really bad naps lately and I was thinking she might be ready to transition to one nap. BUT I don't think I'm ready for her to take only one nap! :)

  3. It probably won't be long before she'll master Da-Da and especially NO! I really like the first picture on this post. Really terrific!

  4. What a great first word. :-)

    I remember the transition from two naps to one nap....tricky but then eventually wonderful. I loved getting to have a busy morning with babies and then a quiet afternoon around the house with everyone sleeping. It was a great balance. ((now mine are 6 & 4 and it feels like we're just busy all day!! :-) ))