Saturday, November 15, 2008

for all the history buffs pt. 2...

Within walking distance of all the Stonewall Jackson landmarks is the campus of Washington & Lee (pictured here) and VMI (Virginia Military Institute).

This is Robert E. Lee's Chapel, where he is buried in a mosoleum in the basement along with several family members. As president of the school after the war, he encouraged the students to be involved in the local churches, so this was never consecrated as a church building, but Lee would invite various ministers from the area to come and speak. Today it hosts an original portrait of George Washington (wow!), and the most amazing life-like piece of art Marc & I had ever seen- a marble sculpture of Lee resting on the battlefield. Today it's also used for various school functions like freshmen orientations and weddings, etc.

As famous as Robert E. Lee was, though, you'd never believe how venerated his HORSE was around this town, too! This is "Traveller"'s grave, which is just outside of Lee's chapel. (probably about 100 feet from where Lee is buried) Somebody was kind enough to leave an apple on his grave...

So apparently lots of people would gather here outside to watch Lee get Traveller all suited up to ride. And now it's a cozy home to a different kind of horsepower... he he :) The president of the school continues to live in Lee's house which is adjacent to this garage.

Okay, enough of the history lessons. :) For those of you who aren't the history types like me (Amy), we'll be back with more cute baby pics tomorrow, I'm sure! See ya then.
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