Wednesday, November 19, 2008

meateaters & mohawks...

Guess what? The past couple of days I've eaten little pieces of real MEAT! (remember I hated the pureed stuff?) Well, the other day I tried some bits of chicken, and here was my first try at eating a meatball!

And I loved it! Yay- I'm officially a meateater! Now if only I could eat that chocolate cake sitting behind me, too...

And speaking of chocolate, the other night Mommy had a chocolate tasting with the two other pastor's wives at our church here! The three of them get together once a month and it has been SO encouraging and fun for Mommy. She really looks up to these ladies.

And how do you like my "mohawk"? :)
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  1. I like the curls Caroline. Put a bow in it and noone will ever call you a "he" any more. You are cute anyway. Tell mommy to give you a taste of chocolate. It would be so good.

    Love ya,

    Nanny & Papa

  2. Happy 9 months Caroline! Meat is yummy stuff! Guess what Leah's Daddy likes to give her and gave her on Sunday for her 9 month b-day... ice cream! We need to go walking one day when it's not so cold!
    Susan and Leah

  3. Love the 'mohawk'...happy 9 months Caroline....Tolu