Saturday, November 15, 2008

for all the history buffs pt. 1...

We just got back from a quick, but wonderful getaway to Lexington! (Caroline did have some separation anxiety stuff at first, but ended up having a blast with Nanny & Papa... more on that tomorrow) We spent a day sight-seeing and then headed over to a relaxing bed and breakfast for the night before returning home today.

And okay, so even though I (Amy) come from a family full of history buffs, I have to admit I was never one of them. However, when you go to a place like Lexington, Virginia, you can't HELP but be amazed at some of our nation's history there... so for all you history buffs out there, this blog post is for YOU. :) I can't even believe I'M going to be talking history now, but here goes...

We took a tour of Stonewall Jackson's house and learned so much about him! (if any of you remember, we named our former cats in Lubbock "Stonewall" and "Jackie" in honor of him, so we were kindof in heaven to stand where Stonewall actually stood!) Not only was he a strict general that would march the men 17 hours a day, he was FULL of quirks, too! (for instance, he would take a cold bath EVERY DAY and he didn't believe in sitting down at his desk--only standing-- for "health reasons.") While he lived in this house before the war, he and his wife had no children yet, and he taught at the Virginia Military Institute.

What's cool about this house is that after Stonewall died, it was turned into a Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital, and then in the 1970's, the town of Lexington raised over a million dollars to restore it back to the Stonewall Jackson House. At their inaugural event, their guest of honor was Stonewall's granddaughter, who was 91 years old! She helped them with the decor, remembering details like there being a green couch in the dining room, etc. She lived to be 104 years old!

At this Presbyterian church, Stonewall began a weekly Sunday School class for slaves, which was completely illegal & a felony at the time! When asked about it, he responded, "How can they be good Christians if they can't even read the Bible?" Wow.

He was a man of deep faith, even receiving the nickname "Stonewall" ("look at Jackson standing there on the battlefield like a stone wall!") from his trust in God's sovereignty and control: "The Lord has fixed the time of my death. I shall not concern myself with it." Now don't forget bullets would have been whizzing past him on both sides! He said, "I'm just as safe on the battlefield as I am in bed." Wow again. This guy was amazing.

Stonewall is buried in a cemetary along with 144 confederate soldiers.

And if any of you happen to take a trip to Lexington, here's where you gotta eat: the Bistro on Main Street! (featured in Southern Living) It's delicious! (you know we Corbett's like food...) :)
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