Saturday, November 22, 2008

wreck 'em...

Even from Virginia, our guns are up for Texas Tech! If you haven't payed much attention to college football, Tech is undefeated and currently holding the NATION'S longest winning streak! We're ranked #2 in the nation & tonight (in just a few minutes!) we're playing #5 Oklahoma IN Oklahoma, so we're a bit nervous, but hoping for the best...

Today our family showed our team spirit and I showed off my cute boots! :) Because she was wearing her Tech sweatshirt, people were even stopping Mommy in the grocery store today and showing their support! It's so crazy that even in Lynchburg, Virginia, people now know about Texas Tech!

We are just wondering if we jinxed the team for the past 7 years because the year we leave Lubbock, they have the best season in school history! ha! And just in case anyone is wondering, even Liberty students cheer on other schools like Virginia Tech or UVA, so no one seems to have a problem with us remaining Texas Tech fans. We have even converted a few of our current students to be Tech fans! :)

So everybody get your guns up with us! Wreck 'em, Tech! Hopefully the victory bells will ring tonight!

Addendum: as we're sitting here watching Tech get KILLED by Oklahoma and making practically every mistake in the book, we're disappointed and depressed. So don't rub it in, alright? :)

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  1. Hannah and I are watching the game tonight. All I can say is sorry. :o( The Citadel was also blown away today by the Florida Gators. It wasn't pretty either.

    Susan Peeler

  2. "Church Jill"November 23, 2008 at 2:30 PM

    Sorry about Tech. Our pastor wore his TT cap during part of the service this morning and used it as an illustration of hanging with the team through win or loss for his "second sermon."