Monday, April 13, 2009


For those of you who have been keeping up with our blog & remember the dramatic adoption situation with our friend Ann Marie last week, we are SO happy to report that today at 5:00pm, baby Spencer officially became adopted into his new loving family!!!

Over the past week, Ann Marie and Spencer's birthmommy Megan have shared some beautiful conversations about their fears and hopes, and all of the events of the past week have only helped them to better communicate their feelings to one another. Ann Marie helped their birthmommy Megan understand that she is now like family to them, and we are excited to see that relationship continue to sweeten.

Of course we can still continue to pray for their birthmommy Megan-- that the Lord would comfort her and show her what an incredible, sacrificial thing she has done for her son and for this family. Ann Marie wanted to thank all of YOU who have been asking about and praying for them throughout this time-- they are "humbled and encouraged" that so many people in the body of Christ have been loving them well and lifting them up in prayer. (even people they've never met)

In fact, tonight they're having a party!

Spencer, sorry we can't be there to party with you, but I hope you'll enjoy a drink on me! ha! :)
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  1. Party on SPENCER!

    I'm so happy for your family. You are so loved.

    Amy-another reason why you should publish that book you made for Caroline. I think Spencer & Ann Marie would love it. Imagine how much it would bless families around the world....

  2. And party we did....even the guest of honor....but he mostly slept thru all of it. We are still rejoicing....and will be for eternity. In heaven I hope to thank all of you are have and are praying for us. For now, a blog post will have to do.
    You are appreciated! Joyfully, Ann Marie

  3. What a wonderful week it has been knowing for sure Spencer will grow up with Ann Marie and Mike! We are so thankful to God for His goodness to them. Thanks for including their story on your blog, so more people could pray.