Saturday, April 25, 2009

sharp top...

This weekend I (Amy) enjoyed an overnight getaway with the other two pastors' wives at our church! This gave Marc some much needed Daddy-daughter time. (not to mention some much needed Mommy-away time) :)

Would you believe THIS is one hour from my house?!?

After dinner, we enjoyed the lodge and had a wonderful time talking on the porch all evening. We took in the GORGEOUS sunset, watched all the BATS come out and fly around at dusk, sat under a sky full of STARS after dark as a herd of deer walked by. No internet. No cell phone service. No TV. So refreshing!

This was the view from our room. (I love the reflection in the water!) You can tell that Spring is gradually creeping up the mountains, but hasn't made it to the top yet.

Anyways, remember this mountain. (called "Sharp Top." In the 2 Peaks of Otter, there's Sharp Top & Flat Top... aptly named, huh?) See those rocks at the very tip-top?

Well, here they are after an hour & a half of grueling, STEEP uphill hiking!! Whew! (you can believe my legs are feeling that one today!)

But oh the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains was SO worth it!

I did it! I climbed Sharp Top! (and the three of us even bought stickers that say so to prove it! ha!)

And Marc didn't have such a bad time himself, either...
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  1. I'm glad you got a chance to be away for a little while. Glad you had a good time. Maybe this will prepare Caroline for the honeymoon get-a-way. See y'all soon.

    Love ya,

    Nanny & Papa

  2. Congrats Amy, you made it! Was it as bad as the "death hike" in Colorado?