Saturday, June 27, 2009

baby fever (literally)...

Well, the title of Mommy's last post was a little ironic because now she's not the only one with baby fever! All day yesterday I was running fevers up to 102.4!

Thankfully I haven't been too lethargic, but I am taking it a little easier. I haven't quite figured out how to show Mommy & Daddy where I'm in pain, so they are trying to figure out if it's a case of bad teething, (could it be my 2 year molars ALREADY? you know how I am with getting teeth early...) an ear infection, sore throat/cold, etc.

And one way I'm taking it easier is begging Mommy & Daddy to watch THIS video all the time! It's my favorite & I love to dance & try the gestures!

Since my fever went down to normal this morning & I felt a little better, I took the initiative to "help" sort clothes at our neighborhood yard sale. :)

Hopefully THIS case of baby fever will stay away...
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