Wednesday, June 17, 2009

sweet 16...

At 16 months...

-I say the word "Bobby" for "Bible," "pea" for "please," & "woah" for "video."
-You'll be my best friend if you'll blow bubbles for me.
-If I want to communicate something, I will repeat a word over and over until you acknowledge it. (ex. BUBBLE, PO [cantalope], JU [juice], CH [chip])

-I'd MUCH rather put on Mommy's shoes than keep my own on!
-I still don't like the "muh" (vacuum) or green beans.
-I love to use a spoon to eat. It works well for awhile until I decide using my fingers is quicker.
-I'm figuring out how to climb up on chairs & furniture.
-There is a path of disaster everywhere I go... Mommy heard once that "you can either raise kids or keep house." This is becoming quite true. :)

-I like to put on Daddy's "haa" and then try to put it back on him.
-I can say all of my grandparent's names & my cousin Lala ("yah-yah") & I just added my cousin "Tyson" into my repertoire.
-Favorite things to do: play outside, climb up and down stairs, go on walks, bubbles, DANCE to music!, read books, "draw", watch videos, make animal sounds, swim, try out new skills like walking backwards or spinning around, & take things out of a box and put them back in.

Speaking of boxes...

Sure I'm alot like other 16 month olds, but that doesn't mean you have to put me in a box! ;-)

p.s. Happy 1 month birthday, cousin Erik!
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