Sunday, June 21, 2009

father's day take 2...

Last Father's Day, I was hitting the beach for the very first time! Yep, that little person there in the middle is me. Can ya believe it?!

This Father's Day... how 'bout a key in your eye, Daddy?

Daddy, I've been practicing to be one classy girl in my high heels.

We had a blast this weekend hosting our sweet student, Lindsay!

Let's hear it for all the dads in our lives! We love you!

Oh, and guess what? For Mommy's birthday, Daddy got her a new fancy photo software program that is going to take her HOURS to figure out & learn, but after plunking away on it for a few minutes tonight, look what she did to that last photo! (okay, not quite professional yet or anything, but hmmm... this could get really fun!)

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  1. Aw, great pictures. They talked about adoption this past Sunday at house fellowship and I thought about you guys! Love you and miss you

  2. The pics are great. We are back from our two-day camping trip. It was fun, but there is no place like home.

    Love y'all.

    Nanny & Papa