Monday, May 17, 2010

the beach...

We made it to beautiful Florida for our students' RUF summer conference! This year we've got a group of 8 students that are joining up with over 500 other RUF students from all over the country for some good teaching & relaxation at the beach near Panama City, FL. (no worries-- no oil spill here...yet.)

I am LOVING the beach! (can you believe we saw a family of about 8 stingrays about 10 feet away from the coast this morning?!)

For weeks now I've been putting my water shoes on around the house in anticipation of this week and it's finally here!

And after the beach, I love to jump in the pool for a little dip.

Quick update from Mommy: Caroline did GREAT on the 12 hour car ride here! (with no videos until the last hour! Woohoo! Of course, the ride home will probably be a different story...) We are settled at a Christian retreat center on the beach, and our family is fortunate enough to have a small 2 bedroom apartment with a kitchenette so I can cook Caroline's meals here (plus she has a separate little bedroom where she can nap & sleep separately). Thankful to have such great accommodations!

However, this morning she woke up with some pretty severe gastro issues (that were also going on the day before we left). Um, let's just say that almost everything in the ROOM needed to be laundered after that incident... oh, Jesus, we need your help! Whatever this is, it's leaving her diaper area very "raw" and extremely painful. It's awful to see her in so much pain. Of course, that has Marc & I trying to hold it together as we're doing everything we can to love her & care for her, (while ensuring our students are having a great time, too!) but also anxious as we're trying to figure out what this is all about--- Does she have a stomach virus right now? (she's eating & drinking just fine & her energy is great just like always...) Or is this a reaction to something else? Oh, please pray for us as we're trying our best to enjoy our time here, but find ourselves struggling to get our daughter's health back to full strength.
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  1. If I had to guess, I would say that it's a stomach virus. With her immune system so crazy, she's due for six or so infections a year (instead of two or three for other kiddos). As you know, I read all the med stuff on the web, so that makes me high informed. (Hee...hee...) Can she drink Gator Aid????

  2. Ames - there is an awful lot of stomach stuff going around, but you never know. I will say that with any diaper rash-type issue, Burt's Bees diaper cream worked wonders for E...much better than any other cream on the market. You can find it at Target. Lifting you up in prayer! Love you.

  3. I hope it's just a stomach bug (a 24 hour one at most!) and she is back to herself soon.

    Great pictures though... and love the shirt, Amy!