Tuesday, May 11, 2010

little lady...

Notice anything different about me? Nope, it's not the pearls. (remember? I wore those on my last post "Girls Wear Pearls"...) I'm such a girlie girl this week! I got my nails painted for the first time today! :)

It was a rainy day outside so Mommy had to get a little creative. :) I stayed nice and still while she painted my fingers and toes! It was fun!

Mommy thinks I look like a little lady. (I sure talk like one! You should HEAR the sentences I'm saying now!)

And my favorite part of my new nails?

... showing them off to Daddy. :)
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  1. Just the prettiest little girl EVER! I bet daddy's already thinking she's growing up too fast!

    Great rainy day activity!

  2. Leah got hers done today too! Ha ha! Ant Darla did them for her...glitter!!!! polish. I just use hot pink. Oh well, that's what aunts are for! These girls are growing up tooooo faaasssttt!

  3. E just let me do hers for the first time at Easter (we did toes only). Now, she loves it!

  4. awwww so adorable! I can't wait to paint Maggie's fingernails... eventually. :-)